Damara Ride - Namibia

Damara Elephant Safari

5 star rating   24 June 2023

Cathy who has been on 49 In The Saddle rides. A wild and challenging adventure | Horse wise you get what you ask for. Luna was the perfect match and looked after me throughout. One afternoon I rode a new horse to the ride who also didn't put a foot wrong. Both were soft mouthed, willing but listened to me. On this ride the canters and gallops are very long and exhilarating and the horses are amazing in just how much they give you. It was fascinating to see the young horses being trained during the ride. Wildlife is scarce but we were lucky to see a herd of desert elephants. There were lots of signs of black rhino. The desert landscapes and night skies are incredible in their beauty and starkness. Andrew gives you an amazing experience, he is knowledgeable and so obviously is proud of his horses and this land. There are lots of laughs and some aches! Andrew has a small professional and friendly team who look after you extremely well. Of all the rides I have done this was the greatest achievement for me personally and fits into the category of one of the best and most enjoyable I have ridden.

[Abbie from ITS replies: Wow - what great feedback! We're so pleased you had such a wonderful experience on this special trip].

The Riding

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This is wild camping. Despite some very cold nights I was always warm and comfy. Don't forget to pack a hat. There were heavy dews so waterproof bags are essential. At the end of each day there were hot showers waiting for us. Willem and Laya cook three hearty meals each day, mostly over the campfire. These are tasty and filling.

Before Your Holiday

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