Damara Ride - Namibia

Damara Elephant Safari

5 star rating   24 June 2023

Anne-Marie who has been on 30 In The Saddle rides. Amazing experience in a stunning landscape | Every effort was made to match riders to their preferred type of horse, mine was an Arab/Connemara cross on her second safari. It was lovely to have the opportunity to spread out on some longer canters and not to have to ride nose to tail. The horses were very well looked after, fed regularly and checked very regularly for any signs of soreness.

[In The Saddle replies: Thanks so much for your feedback. We are so pleased you enjoyed exploring beautiful Damaraland on horseback].

The Riding

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How would you rate the overall standard of the horses, tack and stables?
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The Accommodation

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The swags were very cosy and comfortable and it was a joy to sleep out under the starry skies. Bucket showers were available after every ride and were much welcomed . The food was awesome!

Before Your Holiday

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You don’t have to split your luggage any more on the days that the truck doesn’t accompany the horses. It is worth taking a small day bag with you for larger sun creams etc that is put out at lunchtime. There is a small pocket on the front of the saddle that you can put a small suncream in. There are straps on the back of the saddle that you can tie a jacket to when needed, although it was requested that we didn’t do this on the first day.

[In The Saddle replies: Thanks so much for this feedback, we will follow up with our partners in Namibia and update our information. We appreciate you pointing this out to us].

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No problems here

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This was a holiday rearranged twice thanks to Covid and thanks to those involved for all the work done in the rescheduling.
It was so enjoyable to spend this time with a group of diverse people, we had so many laughs along the way, and the small group of staff led by Andrew worked so hard to ensure that everyone had fun.The days in the saddle are very long, so fitness really does count, but age was certainly no barrier.