Equus Silvania - Romania

Equus Silvania

5 star rating   11 September 2021

Rebecca who has been on 7 In The Saddle rides. Rode 3 different horses, all super fine horses. Forwardgoing and good horses. Thought it was cool to be allowed to try different horses. Equus Silvania's guides were all top professionals, very service minded and super good riders, they had control of it all.

The Riding

How well were you matched with the right horse for your ability?
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How would you rate the variety of riding, pace or terrain?
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How would you rate the overall standard of the horses, tack and stables?
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The Accommodation

How would you rate your room(s) for comfort and facilities?
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How would you rate the standard of the food?
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Before Your Holiday

Did you have all of the information you needed to:

Plan and prepare for your holiday?
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Feel comfortable about your transfers and what to expect?
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How could we improve the quality of pre-holiday information that we send?

The flight connection time home from Romania, this time in Vienna, should preferably be a minimum of one and a half hours, as you have to go through passport control and new security control. The slightest delay carries the risk of losing your next flight.

Do you have any other feedback for us?

Fantastic riding holiday and I have missed the reunion with Equus Silvania. Fine, skilled and well-cared for shagya Arabs and other breeds. One of the best riding countries.