Extremadura - Spain

Monfragüe National Park

2 star rating   12 October 2019

Rebecca who has been on 8 In The Saddle rides. A nice potential ride made difficult by unseasonal heatwave. | I rode a lovely forward going mare with a sweet temperament. The ride relied on the horses drinking from water we found, during the long days on the trail. Due to the unusual heatwave (four days of 32 to 34 deg C) and drought there was not much water, less grazing at night so they had more hard feed. They had just about started their winter coats. On one day, when we hadn't ridden past water, my horse went downhill, needing a drink. She needed a pain killer injection, rehydration and rest that afternoon. There was not a back up plan with spare water to deal with that. She was fine the next day but I had been worried about her.
Personally, I would have preferred some alteration to the itinerary so we were not out for so long in such heat.

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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There was a range of accommodation and all the people were very helpful and friendly. A couple of nights were a bit noisy. The 2 nights in the national park were in a fabulous place.
Mamen's catering for lunches or snacks and her overall hospitality were excellent and generous.

Before Your Holiday

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