Miyak Tribe Trail - North Macedonia

Miyak Tribe Trail

4 star rating   5 October 2019

Claudia who has been on 6 In The Saddle rides. Mountain Adventures | The horses are a sure footed mix of Balkan mountain horses and Arabs who are very fit and well trained with impeccable manners. My horse Fidan was a true gentleman and a joy to ride. Whilst most of the riding is done in single file you are actively encouraged to take independent control of your horse and be able to ride out of order when the terrain permits. Mostly the riding is done in a fast paced walk and you are encouraged to make the horses walk out rather than trot and are told how to achieve this. There are some short fast burst of canters within the forest trails and some glorious gallops across the plains where the horses can show their true speed! The variety of terrain leads for some interesting and challenging riding - these horses are extremely able to climb very steep slopes although you will have to lead them for short periods on some days. There are a couple of very long days in the saddle but the variety of the terrain on each day makes it worthwhile. We had exceptional weather bar the last two days when the fog descended, which meant the views across the mountains were phenomenal. It is a beautiful landscape to ride across, seeing how the traditional sheep farmers live and work, together with the huge flocks of sheep and dogs make you really feel part of another way of life.

The Riding

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How would you rate the overall standard of the horses, tack and stables?
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The Accommodation

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4 star rating

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The guest houses are clean and basic with en-suite facilities except for the night in the mixed shared dormitory. I imagine this night can be a little crowded if the ride is full although the place itself is lovely with really lovely hosts and food.
The camping nights are very well organised with very good quality tents and sleeping bags/liners. There are no washing facilities and the toilet is merely a hole in the ground so may prove problematic for the less flexible!

The food is plentiful and fresh based on traditional basics of cheese and meat but the vegetarians amongst us were well catered for. Lunches are usually fresh peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sheep’s cheese, some cold meats and various traditional dips and bread. Dinners would be a different meat dish or perhaps fish. There is a fruit break every day and energy bars when the ride demands! All our day time food breaks were in the most picturesque settings or at traditional sheep farms where you were shown the methods of sheep farming or cheesemaking.

The ride is very well organised with a very detailed safety briefing on the first night and a good back up team throughout the trip. Vasko is an enthusiastic host eager to show you the traditional Miyak way of life and the whole team are very proud of their country and love sharing tales over a drink or two in the evening!

Before Your Holiday

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All information provided was extremely useful and excellently presented as ever. It could be noted that you really do not need to change up much money as we found the drinks to be around a Euro a local beer and only around €14 Euros for a bottle of wine in the guest houses. We changed about €50 each and fully struggled to spend that giving most of it as well deserved tips at the end of the trip.

Do you have any other feedback for us?

On the whole this is a great trip visiting a beautiful country you may otherwise overlook with congenial hosts who have put a lot of work into making this a memorable experience.

Be warned some of the lunches come quite late in the day, 5pm on one day in fact, a more detailed heads up on this day would have been appreciated so pack a few energy bars to tide you over!