Wolves and Wild Horses - Portugal

Wolves and Wild Horses

5 star rating   21 July 2019

Mette who has been on 2 In The Saddle rides. Wolves and Wild Horses | If you expect to be picked up exact on time in the morning and arrive at a streamlined barn with posh equipment and facilities you will be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you expect to be picked up at 'southern relaxed time' and arrive at an authentic, warm-hearted and 'living' barn with horses, dogs and cats, you will be delighted. Very happy!

Pedro was very concerned about matching the most optimal equipage - based on temperament and personality. Not just riding skills. The connection between horse and rider was prioritized, which to me was an absolute plus, showing great love and a deep respect for the horses.

The Riding

How well were you matched with the right horse for your ability?
5 star rating
How would you rate the variety of riding, pace or terrain?
5 star rating
How would you rate the overall standard of the horses, tack and stables?
5 star rating

The Accommodation

How would you rate your room(s) for comfort and facilities?
4 star rating
How would you rate the standard of the food?
4 star rating

Do you have any comments about the accommodation and food?

Nice guesthouse, lovely rooms and very nice breakfast. Only minor bit was the very dark / dark atmosphere in the common living room. As a Scandinavian, you might have thought in some candle lights and added hygge/cozyness - but honestly, not a real problem.
The breakfast was good, purchased what we asked for and filled up as needed.
However, adding an 'honesty snack bar' would be a great idea. The time between finishing riding and supper (which was ALWAYS later than agreed 😉 ) is long and it would be nice to have the opportunity to buy nuts, biscuits, chips and other snacks.

Before Your Holiday

Did you have all of the information you needed to:

Plan and prepare for your holiday?
5 star rating
Feel comfortable about your transfers and what to expect?
5 star rating

How could we improve the quality of pre-holiday information that we send?

Nothing. Melina gets five stars for service mindedness and support!