Miyak Tribe Trail - North Macedonia

Miyak Tribe Trail

5 star rating   22 June 2019

Caroline who has been on 14 In The Saddle rides. Extraordinary horses, food and music | The horses are mountain horses and so reminded me a little of those we rode in Tibet and Kyrgyzstan. They walk fast, they gallop fast, and they don't bother with trotting or collected canter. They are extraordinarily fit. And pure pleasure to ride, not least as they are so different from the horses we ride in the UK. That contrast is a real joy to experience. I always felt very safe on my horse: it listened, it didn't just do what the horse in front did (when asked), and incredibly steady on its feet over rocks and through water. It took a bit of getting used to, and the guide was very helpful in telling us how best to use the contact.

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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The hotels were great: clean and with all the basics covered. It was always wonderful to wake up to amazing views of the mountains. The tents were positively luxurious. Fabulous sleeping bags. The food was delicious. Very meaty and cheesy, but wonderfully tender meat and delicious cheese. I sometimes pinched vegetables from the vegetarian option just to get some greens in.

Before Your Holiday

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It might be worth explaining how to ride these kinds of horses, and clarifying how to ride as a group - although this could also be done upon arrival. I don't like riding in a line one behind the other, but I realise this made some other riders nervous until the guide told us it was OK. I appreciate the need to stay in line in canter. But it might have been helpful to tell riders that they shouldn't just follow each other, and instead get to know their horse independently in walk. This then gives confidence in canter. More generally, it might be worth saying that this kind of riding is very different from riding in a school, however high the competition level.

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This is a great ride for anyone willing to try riding in very different terrain to the UK, on amazing horses who eat 500m climbs for breakfast. The landscape is breathtaking. I have never seen such beautifully flowery meadows. The guides were extraordinarily skilled horsemen, as well as wonderful company. Everyone in our group felt sad about saying goodbye to them.