Los Alamos - Spain

Villa Based Ride

5 star rating   23 June 2019

Paul C who has been on 2 In The Saddle rides. The riding on our holiday at Los Alamos was amongst the best that we have ever had , two days riding on the beach was amazing. Leaving at 8 o'clock meant that we got to the beach before any people so we could gallop for a long time which was amazing.
The other days the riding through the forest and cantering and galloping on the fire breaks was fantastic.
Our Guides and Rachael were so nice and helpful, couldn't wish for nicer people.
[ITS comment: It's great that you enjoyed the riding!]

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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The food was simple, fresh and really enjoyable.
Really nice touch was when Andrew found out that it was my 60th Birthday he arranged for a Birthday cake for me.
[ITS comment: We are so pleased to hear a cake was arranged for your birthday, we always like to pass on these sorts of details :-).]

Before Your Holiday

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