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Ant's Nest

5 star rating   8 November 2019

Rosemary who has been on 41 In The Saddle rides. A relaxing and fun week of riding and wildlife viewing | Horses are lovely. I rode four, all very acceptable but one of which particularly took my fancy. A lovely little Arab called Xia Xia , keen, with a bit of 'personality'. The other three were absolutely fine too but it's always good to have a favourite.
We were especially pleased to have some faster paced riding with some long canters with Moses, among others. Obviously we spent a lot of time just walking and watching the wildlife and it's a pleasure to be able to get so close.
[Becky from In The Saddle replied: Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and I'm so pleased you enjoyed your return visit to Ant's Nest]

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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Too much lovely food!!! As last time, I have put on weight!

I was staying in the rondavel this time, which is fabulous and just slightly away from the main house, so I woke up one morning to see (the legs of) six giraffe right outside my window (had to go outside to see the whole animal they were so close) and a family of warthogs using my stoop to access the garden. Fabulous!

The staff can't do enough for you and everyone is so friendly. (Great massages.)

Before Your Holiday

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All info we need is provided.

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You handle everything very well.

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The trip to the Kololo big five reserve was an excellent afternoon treat. We came across a lion and lioness resting by a dam after what was probably a long day of mating! And then we were treated to a male elephant chasing a female right in front of our jeep and then mating with her with the sun setting behind them - you don't see that every day!