Wait A Little - South Africa

Ride and Dine Safari

4 star rating   23 November 2019

Gillian who has been on 9 In The Saddle rides. Wait A Little | The riding is different as the countryside is dense and careful riding is required. I felt that we were treated like learner riders with little thought of the fact that we may know what we were doing and that we did have considerable past knowledge behind us. The guide is a young budding natural horseman and is keen to impress and the follow at the rear girl is a student keen to pick fault as she is a budding dressage rider/showjumper, unfortunately with no knowledge of cross country riding. Rather spoils the feel of the ride. The discription in your itinery says long fast canters and that they can be long in duration so require to be fit. Ray our guide did not like more than a walk we did canter very short canters but because they were start stop it became untidy to keep organised.

[Olwen from In The Saddle writes - we have spoken to Wait A Little about your feedback. They have told me that there was a lot of rain prior to your holiday which made it very slippy in the first couple of days and so made faster riding impossible. Wait A Little have also explained that their impression was that some of the group were very happy with the slower pace.
Everyone has commented that Ray was a great guide and that you had amazing sightings, which of course would not have been possible if you had been going very fast].

As a guide Ray was amazing, maybe a chancer with the wildlife but we learnt an awful lot from him.

The Riding

How well were you matched with the right horse for your ability?
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How would you rate the overall standard of the horses, tack and stables?
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The Accommodation

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XiDulu and Clive's Camp I highly recommend for the lodges and food, Robin and Claudia were amazing.

Wait A Little lodges were insecure the door nets only had side zips and there was a gap at the bottom. Lights put on while on our evening ride became a magnet for all insects. The food at Wait A Little was served in the open and I have never seen so many flies around food. Unfortunately I had food poisoning or some horrible problem 24hrs prior to leaving and had it not been for Sabine's antisickness tablets I would not have managed to travel home. I am rarely ill but this was the worst I have ever known.

[Olwen from In The Saddle writes - Wait A Little have explained that just prior to your visit they had their first really heavy rain of the season which unfortunately, for a couple of days, brings with its millions of bugs of all size and description. Your food should have been covered by nets at lunchtime and is served already plated at dinner. We are sorry that you were sick; no-one else in the group has mentioned this.]

I found Gerty rather abrupt and unfortunately on our visit she had little time for us.
[Olwen from In The Saddle writes - we are sorry that this is your impression. Gerti was not in camp at the start of your safari but when she became aware that some of the group were not happy with the pace of the ride she did immediately meet with everyone].

Before Your Holiday

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For this holiday the written details about the riding did not match up to the actual experience, this was slow and extremely intense animal viewing which I cannot fault we got the full close up feel. Some of the party were wanting the faster pace as it had been expected.

[Olwen from In The Saddle writes - we've spoken to Wait A Little about your feedback. Their feeling is that the pace of ride for the first couple of days was affected by the wet slippy conditions and the mix of the group. We have had a number of clients visit Wait A Little since the new guide Ray arrived and we haven't previously had comments that our description was incorrect. However we have highlighted that there will be walking when tracking game.]

I would not want to go there again, pity as I admire the quality of the horses, their turn out and the tack was impeccable.

I never usually do any feed back but felt I neaded to this time.

Do you have any other feedback for us?

I would recomend XiDulu and Clive's Camp to everyone.