Extremadura - Spain

Monfragüe National Park

5 star rating   18 May 2019

Jen who has been on 6 In The Saddle rides. Relaxing riding, expansive views, fabulous picnics! | The riding was at a relaxed pace, no trotting and mostly walking, but we did canter 4-5 times each day. The first morning is at walk to get to know your horse. My horse Datil was very responsive and walked out well and was polite and easy on the canters. The horses were very sure footed, managing the sometimes rocky terrain like mountain goats. All tack was in good condition and the saddle seat savers were very comfortable. The riding hours were long (6.5hrs) but a long day was broken up with tapas stops and a long lunch, and followed by a shorter days riding (5hrs).

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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All the accommodation was satisfactory, the hostel was of a lower standard but still adequate. My shower was interesting! The hotel in Trujillo and the Parador were lovely. Mamen's lunches were fabulous and could not be faulted. Great variety too and veggie options. Dinners were also mostly good.

Before Your Holiday

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Monfrague National Park was beautiful, the riding was relaxing and varied and I enjoyed the canters. Emilio is a great horseman and clearly knew his horses inside out. Mamen looked after us perfectly! The weather was exceptionally hot the first three days of the ride, we were well catered for with water and food and picnics in the shade but it was very hot! The horses weren't phased by the heat at all. They were only offered water infrequently though and I think this was hard to understand for those of us from wetter countries.
Overall a great riding holiday, our group of 12 all got on wonderfully and were such great company. The horses were lovely and the hosts excellent. I'd definitely recommend the ride, it was a good way to explore Monfrague NP and the birds of prey were everywhere!