Kujwana - Botswana

Riding Safari

5 star rating   27 July 2019

Angie who has been on 21 In The Saddle rides. Fabulous | I was expecting the Delta to be flooded but as it was totally dry I had a different riding experience altogether. I think the rides might have been faster with more cantering as the ground was visible. Plenty of holes though due to Aardvark. The horses were all lovely and they matched me perfectly to a sweet 15 hand mare whom I would have taken home if possible. Everything was perfect.

The Riding

How well were you matched with the right horse for your ability?
5 star rating
How would you rate the variety of riding, pace or terrain?
5 star rating
How would you rate the overall standard of the horses, tack and stables?
5 star rating

The Accommodation

How would you rate your room(s) for comfort and facilities?
5 star rating
How would you rate the standard of the food?
5 star rating

Do you have any comments about the accommodation and food?

Accommodation was great but if sharing you'd have to be good friends and accommodating to each other. No way I would have wanted to share with a stranger. Food was lovely and they catered well to my gluten intolerance. I did take my own pasta, bread and rolls which helped and I would suggest this to anyone with an intolerance who is coming in the future. Wine was lovely and free-flowing, perfect again!

Before Your Holiday

Did you have all of the information you needed to:

Plan and prepare for your holiday?
5 star rating
Feel comfortable about your transfers and what to expect?
5 star rating

How could we improve the quality of pre-holiday information that we send?

Can't really think of anything

How could we improve the way we handled your booking and payment?

Can't think of anything, you are all so professional and helpful.

Do you have any other feedback for us?

I will be going back but when it's flooded