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Tuli Safari

5 star rating   7 July 2019

Robyn who has been on 2 In The Saddle rides. Spectacular | Very impressed by the quality and variety of the horses and the care they clearly receive. From talking to the guides the horses get good long breaks between rides which is great to see compared to some places I've ridden. They are obviously well fed, watered and groomed - which is an impressive task in the African bush!

The saddles were very comfortable and it's nice to see simple bits and bridles. Only slight criticism would be that as I had the smallest horse (Million - what a superstar!) His breastplate was uselessly big so David had to adjust the saddle at every opportunity as it would slide back. My stirrups leathers were also mismatched and couldn't be shorted to quite my liking.

The Riding

How well were you matched with the right horse for your ability?
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The Accommodation

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While the accomodation was basic (particularly at the Liana fly camp) we had proper beds at all times (with hot water bottles which were a fantastic addition!) And flushing toilets at 2 of the camps. Hot showers were always made available although ours needed fixing on the first night. I absolutely loved the set up at Kgotla!

The food was incredible throughout - how the ladies do it I don't know! And the way were hosted while at each camp was phenomenal

Before Your Holiday

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Some of the information in the itinerary seems outdated - we got conflicting information from Lindy and David the guide about Majele river camp but it seems like it is not used any more and will be being replaced by a treehouse camp - whatever the reason we didn't get to go there. We had fewer opportunities for sundowners and afternoon rides than suggested, and no chance for extra game drives, which many of us would have liked (which were also more expensive than advertised $50-65 ).

We had 9 riders on the trip and it did seem like quite a large group but we were told that the next group was going to be 10 or 11 which doesn't match the info either

Also a little confused by the 2 names provided in the itinerary for other riders attending as they were not there... Although I suppose that isn't important!

[ITS Comment - Thank you for your comments. We are following this up with our partner in Botswana both regarding the camps currently used within their itinerary and also why this ride exceeded the usual maximum of 8 riders]

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The trip was truly amazing. The guides and all the support staff were fantastic throughout and I think most of us would love to go back in the wet season and experience it again. The quality of the horses and their care was fantastic and I was so well matched with my horse. The wildlife was unbelievable and the respect and knowledge David and Mmushi clearly have for it is great to see.