Los Alamos - Spain

Villa Based Ride

5 star rating   26 May 2019

Ralph who has been on 6 In The Saddle rides. Amazing | Fantastic riding experience in beautiful surroundings

The Riding

How well were you matched with the right horse for your ability?
5 star rating
How would you rate the variety of riding, pace or terrain?
5 star rating
How would you rate the overall standard of the horses, tack and stables?
5 star rating

The Accommodation

How would you rate your room(s) for comfort and facilities?
4 star rating
How would you rate the standard of the food?
5 star rating

Do you have any comments about the accommodation and food?

I stayed in the split level room, called the cottage which is comfortable but could be an issue for someone who doesn't like climbing up and down stairs to the bathroom as it was downstairs.

Before Your Holiday

Did you have all of the information you needed to:

Plan and prepare for your holiday?
5 star rating
Feel comfortable about your transfers and what to expect?
5 star rating

How could we improve the quality of pre-holiday information that we send?

Not applicable - satisfied, excellent communication and the brochure that is sent with all the information is very informative

How could we improve the way we handled your booking and payment?

Would prefer to be able to use credit cards for bookings as easier for affordability. This wasn't possible for the end payment of this holiday which could cause some people an issue. (ITS comment: We are in the process of revising our policy).