Footsteps of Lawrence - Jordan

Experience Level

Ride (8 nights)

1 star rating   7 October 2018

Horses: Bedouin hoses in the desert are different from other Arabic horses that I rode. They are super sensitive to ambience and this means riders need to pay much more attention on controlling them. Almost all our nine horses do not befriend each other and kick even when walking. When cantering, they all intend to run in full speed and be first instead of following an order. However, they are very powerful and there is a great pleasure to canter / gallop. It is definitely valuable to ride Bedouin horse in Wadi Rum.

Guide: our 9 people only have 1 riding guide (normally 2). With different levels of riding capability, it is hard to canter/gallop as a group. So we almost walked throughout the journey. Landscape is similar and this made the trip very boring. Biggest issue is that our guide is quite introvert and silent. Bedouin culture is rich. Bedouin people are full of wisdom and great stories. There are skills to survive in desert. There are stories of Arab independence and wars. As our guide is silent, we almost did not learn anything from him. So it is important to make sure your guide is right.
[In The Sadde - This was a private group. We had been informed that all were experienced riders, but unfortunately this wasn't the case and so to ensure there were no accidents the ride had to go at the pace of the weakest riders. The guide was our regular guide Salem who normally gets really excellent feedback, so we cannot understand the comments. There may have been a language barrier.]

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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Accommodation: overall comfortable. If possible to bath in outdoor camping site, it is much better.

Food: Arabic food is generally more boring compared with French / Italian / Asian food. Food in the camping site is not bad compared with those in cities. The cook works very hard. However, the agency seems to occasionally limit supply of soda. There is also a lack of variety. Food price in Jordan is generally much lower compared with those in developed countries. Considering total cost of riding, cost of an extra bottle of soda is ignorable. There seems to be room for the agency to improve their business philosophy.

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