Rocking Z - Montana

Ranch Stay

5 star rating   12 October 2019

Hanne (this is their first In The Saddle holiday) The family Wirtht (Maria and Anna), his daughters, took on every ride into account that I can not ride for long. Each ride was approx. 1 hour, sometimes 11/2 hour, which suited me perfectly. There was always one of the daughters, Anna or Maria who followed me back on the ride when the body began to "squeak". Incredibly considerate. Besides, they had also found a super sweet and loving horse (Nonni) for me. A cute little Paint horse, which I miss very much. The terrain we rode in was taken out of a western movie. Anna or Maria always had a story to tell about the places where we rode. At each ride we always had the company of Maria’s Border collies. Great to see how they work together..

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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We got a big room with bath and gas fireplace. And a big, nice bed. The view from the bedroom window was incredibly beautiful. Every morning we saw the deer not so far from our room. Lovely way to wake up. And every night we had the company of Mary's border collie who slept outside our room and greeted us good morning. The food served was always deliciously cooked and welcoming, healthy. If we were missing coffee or something else it was always available. The group we were with was all just as excited about the days adventures as we were, so we went really well together. And the Wirth family and their staff are the perfect hosts. Always pay attention to whether we were well and we experienced what we wanted. Very cozy atmosphere in the house. We were lucky enough to experience snowfall and temperatures of ÷18 degrees in the mornings. This is not something we experience in Denmark. We also experienced a snow storm on one of our rides. Montana had not experienced so much snow already in early October for over 30 years, but it was just another great experience. After all, the landscape was transformed into the most beautiful scenery. You can probably hear me that this riding holiday fully - and even more - lived up to my expectations. It has made such a huge impression on me that I will definitely go back again. Definitely one of my best holidays ever.

Before Your Holiday

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As we knew in advance, it was a long flight to Montana. Frankfurt to Denver was strenuous. Especially because it was almost impossible to get up and stretch our legs. Unfortunately, Lars and I did not get seats next to each other, so I thought the trip was extra long. And Denver Airport is noisy and there is no way to sit comfortably anywhere. So it was some hours that were strenuous. But that's life ! Yellowstone was also an amazing experience. Nature as I have never experienced before. Unfortunately we did not see bison, bears or other wildlife. We believe that due to the early winter intake, they had gone into the deep forests. But it was also ok, because I was so filled with good experiences from the Ranch. The Best Western hotels were impeccably clean and nicely located in terms of what I would like to see on the trip. Thank you for your great help in organizing the holidays so that I can now call it my dream vacation. Hanne