African Explorer - Botswana and South Africa

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African Explorer

5 star rating   22 September 2017

The riding was fun. At Horizon, we had a wonderful guide, lots of fun canters and gallops. It is a rather small reserve, I was ready to move on by the fourth day. Very glad to have gotten to Botswana, which was very different riding, wonderful in its own way. I will say that in Botswana, we all had the impression that we could ride abreast. There were many photos of people doing so. It was much better, and safer, to ride in line. We had some very forward horses, some of whom really wanted to race - even with the Guide! It was so amazing to be on horseback and come upon the beautiful antelope and giraffes, jackels and so many elephants! Really fantastic trip…

The Riding

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5 star rating
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