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Volcanoes and Vistas Ride - Ecuador

Volcanoes and Vistas Ride

5 star rating   19 December 2017

The horses and the riding were mainly superb. The only disappointment was in the final leg at Cotopaxi, where the guide wanted only to cover the route at a walking pace. This seemed like a wasted opportunity and was rather frustrating, and in complete contrast to the varied pace of the previous legs. After some repeated suggestions from me, we did have one or two gentle canters on the third day but it didn't live up to the "exhilarating" promise of the itinerary.

(ITS NOTE: Thank you very much for your feedback. Cotopaxi is an area where you can quite often do some lovely flowing canters. We feel that the 'exhilarating' element comes from the incredible environment you are riding in (the volcano, the wide open plains and the remoteness of it all), rather than the speed of the riding. We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the pace of this part of the ride, but are pleased that you enjoyed your trip to Ecuador overall).

1 review