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Tombstone Monument Ranch - Arizona
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Tombstone Monument Ranch

4 star rating   23 November 2018

They really take care to match you to the right horse. We had a riding test to establish if we could do a fast ride and they do pay attention to riding ability before they let you loose!

My novice partner had a great horse for him, steady and straightforward. As a more experienced (English style) rider, I initially was matched with a more advanced horse who was lovely but actually a bit too advanced for me. They switched me on day 2 to one that suited me better. I liked that they paid attention to this for rider and horse safety.

We expected the terrain as we’d read up beforehand. It’s more like proper cowboy style from westerns - drier, flatter, more arid. So the riding was a bit more limited and mainly walk hacks along similar terrain but the wranglers were chatty and friendly and we went a different route each day. The beer and Cheetos ride was a nice change and we would have done the ride to Tombstone ride but it was thanksgiving weekend so this wasn’t available that week.

1 review