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Veláni Country Hotel - Crete
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Sun and Riding

5 star rating   21 January 2019

The horses were all extremely well cared for, in good condition and obviously loved. They all had sweet natures and were all very well trained with very soft mouths. The horses were all fit, forward going but extremely responsive; they were all happy to ride in the position they had been given in the line and got along well with each other so there wasn't any attempt at biting or kicking the other horses. It meant you could truely sit back and enjoy your surroundings and company. The tack was well cared for and the saddles extremely comfortable Wintecs - something I was very grateful for, having been out of the saddle for a while!

The rides were all varied and interesting and the pace appropriate for the terrain.

The guides were both very friendly, interesting and knowledgeable.

1 review