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Relaxed Ride - Azores

Relaxed Ride

5 star rating   1 June 2019

JKDerbys who has been on 7 In The Saddle rides. beyond any expectations and the best riding holiday ever! | I cannot praise too highly the care and attention taken to ensure that we all had a good riding experience and the right horses for our ability. We had fun but also learnt so much, and rode some fantastic horses. I have previously enjoyed a wide range of fast and challenging trail rides in some amazing places. but this holiday had an extra dimension. I went in a mixed group with my daughter (an experienced rider) and grandson of 9 who had only ridden previously in confined spaces. We could never have imagined the difference a week could make to his riding, with an inspirational instructor who enabled him to test his skills safely. The lesson for everyone on the first day of the holiday is a fantastic idea, in that riding ability is thoroughly assessed and horse choice confirmed, which is so much more effective than trying to match horses to riders on the basis of personal summaries of riding experience. We enjoyed that so much that we requested more, and one of the great features of being at the Quinta is the commitment to visitors and fulfilling as far as possible their wishes each day. We were very lucky in enjoying more lessons as well as wonderful rides out. Nelson was able to provide Oliver with safe and forward going horses so that from day one he was able to join us on rides out of increasing length, with controlled canters, and by the end of the week riding for 3 hours and more taking everything in his stride and loving every minute. This holiday has transformed his riding and given him opportunities and experiences which will transform his enjoyment of riding. And the grown ups had a fabulous time too!!

1 review