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Hacienda Zuleta - Ecuador

Hacienda Zuleta

5 star rating   4 December 2019

Tony who has been on 35 In The Saddle rides. Hacienda Zuleta | A hugely enjoyable trip.

The vast majority of riders visiting Zuleta are beginners; I was the only experienced rider for the entire 10 days I was there. This had a considerable upside as it meant every day just myself and my 2 guides set out (Jose lead guide with no English, and Mauricio the English-speaking guide). We all had an absolute blast going on routes they had never been before - always great fun in stunning scenery.

The best ride (Ventana Grande plus The Towers), was one of the best day rides I have ever done. This route was a massive adventure, riding at 4,000m in stunning scenery, but it was very tough on both rider and horse, so for adventurous and experienced riders only.

I also had the pick of all 3 horse they describe as ‘advanced ‘ (Martina, Caracol II, Canela) and all were a joy to ride. The rides I ended up doing were better than the 10 night trail ride I did in Ecuador a few years ago.

1 review