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Grande Traversée - Argentina and Chile

Grande Traversée

5 star rating   17 March 2019

The horses were in excellent condition, skilled at their task. Very comfortable saddles, all well maintained and checked by the gauchos.
The horse care was impressive, on a steep altitude climb we dismounted every 20/30 mins, girths slackened and horses rested for 20 mins.
The guides and gauchos were very attentive to our riding safety at all times, checking girths, saddle position, saddle comfort.
Some of our group wanted more cantering, I was quite happy with a few canters, especially considering the terrain and length of riding each day for the horses.

(ITS NOTE: We are so pleased that you enjoyed your riding adventure. The pace on this ride is steady because it is an expedition trip using pack-horses and the terrain is tiring for the horses. We are sorry to hear that some of the group were disappointed with the steady pace).

1 review