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Grande Traversée - Argentina and Chile
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Grande Traversée

5 star rating   30 June 2017

I had an amazing time. Every day was a challenge at some point but also immensely rewarding and it was a holiday like no other. As I predicted I needed a assistance getting on (and occasionally off!) the horses but I managed with the help of some pushing and shoving from the team at just the right moment. I had three horses to ride in total, two very good horses, both ranch horses (in Argentina and at the end of the ride in Chile). I wasn’t so happy with the horse initially assigned to me in Chile as he was not very responsive: not only did he belt off at full gallop up to the ranch stables on our first meeting, he also got stung by a wasp the next day and (understandably) bolted taking me past the other horses and under head height trees, which was a challenge like no other. Cathy however took good care of me after this incident and because the horse cast a shoe the next day I ended up swapping onto a ranch mare I liked very much. This taught m e a lot about the necessity for trust between horse and rider. I literally trusted my first and last horse with my life and they were true professionals. In general I liked the riding and set up in Argentina because it felt more purposeful as we were really trekking across country, while in Chile we had good weather so could really appreciate the scenery and enjoy great rides along and through the rivers. Both centres offered very good experiences and both Dominik/Tammy and Cathy were extremely good hosts.

1 review