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Essaouira Coastal Trail - Morocco

Essaouira Coastal Trail

5 star rating   21 August 2022

Mary who has been on 11 In The Saddle rides. Wonderful Coastal Ride | I really enjoyed this Coastal ride with great horses, spectacular views of the ocean and coastal region, amazing beach canters and gallops, delicious food prepared by the team, and the fun and friendly Moroccan people. Our guide was excellent, helpful and made a great choice of a horse for me to ride. He was very attentive to all the riders and made sure we had fun. I loved sleeping in a tent with a blanket of stars overhead every night, beautiful evening light over the ocean and a good breeze. The horses were so well tempered and fun. I would definitely do this trip again in the future.I love Morocco and have been there once before.
Oh and the Moroccan Mint Tea......
[Becky from In The Saddle replies: Thank you very much for your feedback, we are so pleased you enjoyed another riding holiday with us.]

1 reviews