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Chubeka Trails - Eswatini

Mlilwane & KaMsholo

5 star rating   15 March 2024

Helle who has been on 4 In The Saddle rides. Moderately priced and well managed riding safari in eSwatini | I had been to Mlilwane riding once before (2001) so I knew the place. The ride and the horses absolutely met my expectations. Mlilwane and KaMsholo are both very small reserves so one will not get the same wilderness experience as many of the other safari riding, however the price is very affordable so top 'value for money'. The horses are well cared for, the guides are good and Ann is just fantastic.
The trail I appreciated the most was the ride to the river where we had picnic lunch, the one that was most boring was the so called 'community ride'.IF including a community ride I suggest instead to visit a local small scale farmer instead of a large - very artificial - event place. I also really enjoyed the 'canter-track' we rode the second afternoon when Ann came with us. I will suggest including that particular path more than once (other tracks were we were riding more than once were not as nice...)
(Olwen from In The Saddle writes - we are so glad that you enjoyed the horses and riding at Mlilwane and KaMsholo. And we will make sure your comments are noted by the ride operator for future guests).

Chubeka Trails - Eswatini

Mlilwane & KaMsholo (Sleep Out)

5 star rating   8 September 2023

Bridget who has been on 2 In The Saddle rides. Would have been better if I hadn't broken my leg but I did so my summary is more about that | Well on the morning of my day 3 I broke my leg but all I can say is that owing to this I was feeling very, very, very sorry for myself but .... that happened and what happened next with the rest of the holiday is that I was really well looked after, kept busy within my ability to walk and beautifully consoled as I felt bereaved - which seems a little melodramatic and probably is but ... I was with such a fantastic group of people that time flew by too quickly with so much support and laughter and all too soon we were on our way home.

The two days riding I did achieve were wonderful, exhilarating, relaxing and everything I would have wanted - should I have lasted the distance.

One thing I would suggest is that prior to fording rivers is that all riders are encouraged to take their feet out of their stirrups on crossing - none of us did - my accident was nobody's fault (but my own - as I do know better and I didn't act on my [pony club] knowledge).
[In The Saddle - we were so sorry to hear of your accident early in the week and so glad that you well on the way to recovery].

2 reviews