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Bahia Beach Ride - Brazil

Bahia Beach Ride

5 star rating   30 November 2019

Jacquelin who has been on 2 In The Saddle rides. Bahia and Canyons & Waterfalls Rides in Brazil - The best holiday in the saddle | I have never experienced such joy while being in the saddle riding a horse - I literally had tears of joy in my eyes during several moments. For example on the beach in tropical Bahia and riding along the canyons and waterfalls surrounded by so much beauty. It was a dream come true and I had to keep reminding myself where I was!!

The horses were faultless. They had a lovely nature, temperament and boy did they have stamina and endurance.

Whoever trains them has to be commended - the horses are so calm and beautiful to ride, each and everyone of them - I want a Criollo !!

1 review