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Andorra Trail - Spain

Andorra Trail

5 star rating   30 June 2018

Merlinus who has been on 9 In The Saddle rides. A super adventure | The horses are magnificent : very strong, superbly trained and reliable. The riding is at all speeds and demanding as much is up mountains so you need to stand in the stirrups whilst avoiding low branches and trees. There will be long days in the saddle and it needs to be stressed that you will do quite a lot of walking too, mostly downhill, but on slippery & rocky surfaces. You MUST have walking boots & be fit. One lady did slipped & tore her ACL ligament. End of her holiday.
Rudi, the leader, knows every horse personally, the route, area, wildlife, accommodations & reads the weather accurately. He is quite strict & authoritarian but you need to listen to him as he has been riding this route for ten years & knows it all. Trust him ! On this trail (hopefully), you bond with him & your co-riders : you become family for the duration of the trail.
There are many, many wonderful highlights- the riding, the views, wildlife, flowers, camping, peace, wild swimming and much laughter BUT be flexible as things change. I took a Sawyer water filter so I did not need to worry about water from any source as some needed water from streams. In Andorra we suffered a huge thunderstorm which soaked all the tents (and us) and produced 6” hail so we spent the night in a basic mountain hut following the dramatic wild raging river crossing on tree trunks. Rudi was wonderful : helped us all as capable adults without fussing unduly.

1 review