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Poland has a long tradition of horsemanship stemming from their use in the military from the 1700s. Horses are still used extensively in agriculture and various sports including, in winter, skijoring. There are many riding clubs around the country as well as country estates that still have stables.

From horseback, riders can explore the country’s varied and interesting landscape and see the rural Polish way of life. Rides typically take you through peaceful farmland enjoying the fresh air, into forested areas, or cantering on grassy tracks past sparkling lakes and along scenic river valleys.

Poland - Galiny Palace

Price from $674.20 for 5 nights ( GBP | EUR | USD )

An historical country hotel with a high quality riding centre at a great price. Lessons in the arenas are for all abilities from beginners to experienced riders. Jump tuition programmes are available for those wishing to learn or improve their jumping techniques. This is a great family destination with plenty to do when not riding.

Experience Level
  • Open All Year
  • Flexible arrivals
  • Variable length stays | 2 hours riding per day | Nearest airport:Olsztyn-Mazury (Szczytno)
  • Weight limit: 14st 1lbs (90 kg) (197 pounds)
  • Usual maximum: 10