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Fit for a King

One of the horses suddenly lets out a loud snort. It is immediately matched by the others. The guide raises his hand bringing them all to an obedient halt then curls his fingers into a claw – the signal a lion is nearby. I’ve seen big cats many times before on safari but never from the back of a horse.

High-Plains Drifters

A horseriding trek puts you right among the wildlife. In Kenya Miles Bredin mouts his steed to discover the magnificent landscape of laikipia with its vast bush teeming with animals soaring mountains lush forests and wide open grasslands.

Animal Magic

Riding with zebra and meeting meerkats leaves Jo Ryan refreshed and set on returning to Botswana.

Back in the Saddle

Four hundred years after he was born the 17th century Ottoman traveler Evliya Celebi (Celebi being an honorific title that roughly corresponds with esquire) is making a long-overdue comeback.

Saddle Up and See the World

Whether you live out the gaucho lifestyle in Argentina or trot off on an African safari a horse-riding holiday put you at the heart of the action.

What a Rip-Roaring Rollicking Ride!

Did Ciara Parkes nearly get eaten by hippos on her super-charged odyssey around Botswana? Yes. Twice. Was it the most amazing holiday of her life? Probably.

Saddle Up and See the World

Whether you live out the gaucho lifestyle in Argentina or trot off on an African safari a horse-riding holiday puts you at the heart of the action. Click here for feature.

Riders on the Kalahari

Only on horseback can the traveller fully experience the true romance and punishing distances of Botswana’s ancient salt pans and sprawling savannah.

Free Ride: a Horse Safari in Mozambique

Two years ago I received an email from a woman called Amanda Retzlaff. Her story sounded extraordinary: she and her husband had fled Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe with104 horses which they had rescued during the land invasions and taken across the border to Mozambique.

Through Hungarian Eyes on an Arabian Horse in the Jordanian desert

Is there any rider who does not desire to try an Arabian thoroughbred on its homelandamongst the sand dunes of the Middle East? The dream for me became true: I had oneweek on horse in Jordan in the Wadi Rum desert.

Animal Magic in the Azores

Sao Miguel is an enchanting island for whale-watching and horsing around

On for the Bucket List

Vast plains steep shingle screes snow-encrusted tussock bushes and majestic mountain peaks – welcome to Lawrie O’Carroll’s office. The man with the firm handshake and a twinkle in his eye has turned a love of horses and a passion for the dramatic South Island high country into a successful trekking business run alongside his farming operation at Hawarden in North Canterbury.

Post-Games Riders Vacations

What do international event riders do when they have free time? Mary King one of Great Britain’s top three-day eventers and a member of the gold-medal team at the Alltech FEI games enjoys unwinding on horseback safaris in South Africa arranged by In The Saddle – Holidays on Horseback.

Thunder Hooves

You can see Botswana’s spectacular Okavango in a 4×4 vehicle by boad by canoe or on elephant-back. But there are few more thrilling ways to experience the delta than horseback.

Out of Africa

Siobha´n English recently travelled to the Okavango Delta in Botswana where with African Horseback Safaris adventures were aplent.

Ahead by a Neck

If any travel company might inspire non-riders to jump into jpdhpurs it is the aptly named in the saddle.

Take a Ride to the Top

TRIPLE Olympian Alex Watson is going for gold in 2010 determined to make his business Equathon the most eco-friendly horse-riding experience in Australia.

Back to the Wild

With its history stretching back to the 16th century cantering around the Estancia Los Potreros ranch in Argentina proves to be every bit as compelling as promised.

Back in the Saddle

Matthew du Plessis mounts up for a different view of Botswana’s Mashatu Game Reserve.

The World’s Best Riding . . . for specialist passions

Estancia Los Potreros is a small family-run ranch in Cordoba in the foothills of the Sierra Chicas in Argentina completed with an Aberdeen Angus cattle and stud farm.