What the Press Say

History on Horseback

In Israel CHRIS DAY finds spectacular riding some unbelievable sights and an insight into the country’s culture and history.

Eventer Abroad

Botswana-based event rider Louise Carelsen makes a rare sally to neighbouring South Africa for a horse trials and finds some French tuition has worked wonders for her and her exciting young horse.

An Italian Job

How about a visit to Siena or Florence with In The Saddle?

A Turkish delight but not as you know it.

A Turkish delight but not as you know it.

The Costa with coffee and so much more

Grassroots event rider Louise Clover visits Costa Rica where she finds herself blown away by the wildlife and having to face her fear of spiders. (Images by Shawn Hamilton at Clix Photography)

The Petra Trail – Gauchos Galore

The Petra Trail followers will now know of my love of indigenous cultures and particularly their dress and hats.

Five of the Best Exotic Horse Riding Holidays

On a journey along the great river valley riders learn about its 18th-century architecture with visits to the palaces and castles that dominate the region.

Kicking on for Cold Mountain

"If you want to let someone know you’re ok phone now because you won’t get any signal up there" says trip co-ordinator Vasile 30 miles from Equus Silvania Romania.

Riding High in the Okavango

I wake to a grumbling whirring electronic noise within breathing distance of my head. A flimsy tent sheet lies between me and this ‘thing’ which sounds like a contented cat purring only much much louder. It is pitch-black outside and tree branches snap in quick succession resembling a firework display.