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An Italian Job

How about a visit to Siena or Florence with In The Saddle?

A Turkish delight but not as you know it.

A Turkish delight but not as you know it.

The Costa with coffee and so much more

Grassroots event rider Louise Clover visits Costa Rica where she finds herself blown away by the wildlife and having to face her fear of spiders. (Images by Shawn Hamilton at Clix Photography)

The Petra Trail – Gauchos Galore

The Petra Trail followers will now know of my love of indigenous cultures and particularly their dress and hats.

Five of the Best Exotic Horse Riding Holidays

On a journey along the great river valley riders learn about its 18th-century architecture with visits to the palaces and castles that dominate the region.

Kicking on for Cold Mountain

"If you want to let someone know you’re ok phone now because you won’t get any signal up there" says trip co-ordinator Vasile 30 miles from Equus Silvania Romania.

Riding High in the Okavango

I wake to a grumbling whirring electronic noise within breathing distance of my head. A flimsy tent sheet lies between me and this ‘thing’ which sounds like a contented cat purring only much much louder. It is pitch-black outside and tree branches snap in quick succession resembling a firework display.

On safari with Mary King

Expansive sunsets and spectacular vistas where animals roam wild and free draw many people to experience an African safari. For British event rider Mary King Macatoo camp in Botswana promises two other important elements – quality horses and adrenalin.

Cry Freedom

Old friends Lorraine Candy 41 editor of Elle and ourpicture editor Lyndsey Price 40 leave their young families behind and saddleup for an adventure in the African bush in a bid to recapture the spirit (if not the alcohol intake) of their singleton days.

Rejuvenating Grand Tour

In The Saddle Namibia-Fish River Canyon

A Ride to Remember

Experience Italy’s Tuscan countryside from horseback riding through the vineards and colorful landscapes of the Chianti region.

Lone Ranger Holidays: Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

The Lone Ranger released in cinemas on Friday and starring Johnny Depp as the Native American warrior Tonto may well increase our interest in the notion of the Wild West.

Let’s Go with Ryanair

Trekking by horse has become big business in the past couple of decades and In The Saddle spotted the trend early on. The company can put you on a horse’s back anywhere from Hungary’s Southern Great Plain to Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Living the Dream – Through Iceland with a Herd of Horses

When I was a child one of my friends owned two Icelandic horses smaller than your standard horse, with a thick mane and lively behaviour.

Botswana Bound

At the end of every Event season riders need a break from the norm whether it be relaxing on a beach or hitting the ski slopes. This year Jonathan Chapman sought a different kind of retreat in the form of an African safari in Botswana.

Go Glamping on a Riding Safari in Botswana

Go glamping on a riding safari in Botswana!

Un Tuffo in Andalucia

Un viaggio nel sud della Spagna nel cuore della calda e passionale Andalusia terra che fin dai tempi antichi esercitò un fascino irresistibile sui viaggiatori e che da molti fu definita ponte tra due continenti l’Europa e l’Africa nonché punto di incontro tral’oceano Atlantico e il mar Mediterraneo.

Into the African Wilds

Saddling up for a safari with a difference in botswana.

Lapponia una Settimana Davero Bianca

Situata nell’estrema punta nordoccidentale della Svezia la Lapponia svedese è caratterizzata da pianure artiche montagne foreste ghiacciai fiumi e laghi.

A Turkish Delight

When pondering the destination of your next horseback holiday Turkey may not be the first country that springs to mind however this beautiful kingdom provides the equestrian adventurer with a perfect balance of breathtaking scenery welcoming hospitality and an all round unforgettable experience. We speak to Olwen Law of equestrian travel experts In The Saddle to find out why there is more to Turkey than package holidays and tourists…