What the Press Say

A New Leaf

Famous for its tea plantations the Indian sate of Assam has remained untouched by travellers until recently. Now visitors can combine a river cruise with safari excursions for an unforgettable sepia-tinted experience says Harriet O’Brien.

Baobabs and Lighting

Lucy Higginson gets more than she bargained for when she visits Botswana’s limpop valley.

African Dream

For 15 years I have been trying to persuade my husband Phil to take up riding. Occasionally he would indulge me with a trip to the stables and a quick pat on my horse’s nose.

Going Gaucho

Live the romance of riding through the stunning Argentinian landscape.

Horse Riding in India: Perfect Blend

From the fabled tea gardens of Assam to the realm of the one-horned rhino Amanda Hemingway rides the outerreaches of the old Empire.


Out at sea for long periods sailors sometimes hallucinate that they are surrounded not by blue waters but rippling green fields.

Argentinian Adventure

Riding sturdy sure-footed horses in the oldest mountain range in South America with condors circling overhead is an awesome experience.

Safari in the Saddle

The rhino spotted us just as we saw him. Conversation ceased abruptly and 12 pairs of eyes were fixed on the huge grey bulk of wild animal just a few hundred yards away.

Blazing Saddles

My Favourite part of a week riding is southern Spain’s Alpujarra mountains was when we went down a gorge near the village of Busquistar and up the other side.