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What to Pack for your Holiday

When you book, we will send you a recommended "What to Bring list" specifically tailored for your holiday. If you are a regular rider then you will probably already have most things on the list. 

The prime considerations are safety and comfort, rather than style.

Safety Riding Hats

The availability of riding helmets can vary from destination to destination and In The Saddle cannot guarantee that a riding helmet will be provided or that it will be to the same standard as those available in your home country.

We strongly recommend that you bring your own riding helmet with you and wear it on your riding holiday.


Choice of footwear is one of the most common questions and for most rides we suggest ankle boots with a rubber sole. Many riders recommend the Ariat endurance boots for comfort and grip.

Performance Equestrian have an excellent web site where you can order a range of equipment including hats, boots and jodhpurs, all designed for maximum comfort on long rides. Some items can take a while to arrive so please order in plenty of time.

Cotswold Outdoor has a good selection of shirts, fleeces and coats for most conditions.

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