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Olwen Law - Director

I set up In The Saddle in 1995 after a career in accountancy and management development in Dublin and London. In doing so I was very simply following my passions of travel, horse riding and photography and I'm immensely proud of what In The Saddle has achieved in that time. You can read more about the history of In The Saddle here.

I have been so fortunate to have ridden all over the world on almost all our riding holidays and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every one. We wouldn't promote the holiday otherwise. I’ve always found it very difficult to pick out one holiday as my favourite. Montana was my first love and still is a very special place for me; riding with wildlife in Africa is a really wonderful experience; crossing the Namib desert was the most challenging; riding an Icelandic horse at a tolt was the most fun ever; I loved relaxing in the tea gardens of Assam.

In the last 20 years I have accumulated five horses. As a committed trail rider perhaps not surprisingly my favourite equestrian sport is long distance riding and I competed at distances up to 80 km. In the last couple of years, as my daughters were young, I've been more focused on pony club and riding with them, but we've just bought an experienced endurance horse and I am keen to compete at the longer distances again, although I might have to take turns with my daughter who has her eye on him also.

There is a special magic to traveling on horseback. You ride in some truly spectacular landscapes without another soul in sight and quickly leave all the worries of your normal world far behind.

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