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Posted on April 8, 2016

Preparations are well under way for the month-long Epic Safari in Namibia – the very first of its kind.


The Namibia Horse Safaris team are busy preparing the 70 horses required for this incredible ride. Vehicles are already beginning to transport 45 tons of food, water and equipment in readiness. The horses will require some 28,000 litres of water during the safari – that’s a heck lot of water in a desert environment!

The Epic Safari route will run from Damaraland in the north to Lüderitz in the south.


The first leg of the journey will include mystical Twyfelfontein with its famous rock engravings, the incredible landscapes of Damaraland home to desert-adapted elephant and the forbidding Skeleton Coast.

DE Ellies and horses

Next the group will cross the oldest desert in the world, the Namib, from Swakopmund on the coast to the Namib Sand Sea of Sossusvlei.


On the final leg of the trip riders will journey from the beautiful Wolwedans reserve, over wide open landscapes and remote plains until they reach the coastal town of Lüderitz. Here the adventure comes to an end.


What an amazing sense of achievement the riders and guides will feel dismounting at the end of this Epic Safari having covered an amazing 1,000km on horseback!

horses in namibia

Will any other trip ever compare to this unique adventure? Memories of this Epic Safari are sure to last a lifetime.

DE horses and rhino

There is just 1 place remaining on this ultimate adventure. Are you intrepid enough to take up the challenge? If so, please contact or call us on 01299 272 997.


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