“Meet the Guides” at The Riding Holiday Show – Paulo Junqueira from Ride Brazil

Posted on October 28, 2015

The Riding Holiday Show on 12 December 2015 is all about “Meeting the Guides” – in fact that’s what we called the event when we first ran it in 2007. It’s a chance to learn about wonderful riding holidays all over the world, directly from the people who will be guiding you day by day. As well as an opportunity to renew friendships and chat about past experiences.

We thought it would be interesting to run a series of profiles of some of the people who will be at the Riding Holiday Show and here is another popular guide –  Paulo Junqueira from Ride Brazil.
Canyons ride (2)

1.    How long have you been guiding on the Bahia Beach and Canyons and Waterfalls rides?

8 years.

2.    Where did you guide before this?

I had not guided prior the starting with Ride Brazil, although I did quite a lot of solo riding throughout Brazil in search of exciting trails.

Canyons ride (5)

3.    How did you get into guiding? Was there someone who inspired you?

I always wanted to live and work with horses and this opportunity came about when I found out that Brazil has the third largest population of horses in the world. It also has excellent horses and a huge variety of trails to explore. Brazil wasn’t yet a destination for international riders as there were not many quality rides available. I did some research into how rides were run in Africa, Spain and Argentina to learn all that was involved in the responsibility of guiding people on a ride.

Canyons 2012 (1)

4.    If you hadn’t become a riding guide, what was your Plan B?

Living in the countryside with my horses gives me a great opportunity to write, which I love doing. I would love to study and work in horses ethology and also write about my own experiences.

5.    People coming on a riding holiday often think you have the ideal job – what do you love about it? And what are the downsides?

I love what I do because I can turn someone’s holiday into an unforgettable experience; an experience of a lifetime. The recognition I receive at the end of the ride is something that is priceless. I wouldn’t say there is a downside to guiding rides in such beautiful places, along with people who love horses; it is always a great pleasure. Although it is also a great responsibility, and sometimes (luckily very seldom) we have people who don’t understand that we are dealing with an animal and we have to be flexible.

Canyons ride (4)

6.    If your favourite horse was a human, who would he/she be and why?

Enduro do Haren was a favourite of mine. He was a wonderful stallion who sadly died a few years ago. Now I have favourites on both of the rides I guide. In Bahia it is Shakira and in the Canyons area it is Ornero. At home my favourite horse is my palomino called Elmo.

7.    What can you not live without (when guiding or just generally)?

I could not live without nature. City life is not for me anymore. When I am guiding it is essential that I have a brave horse who is always ready.Canyons ride (3)

8.    What has been your most memorable riding holiday week?

I can say that I am always lucky to have good groups. pantanal

9.    How do you relax after a day in the saddle?

I like talking with guests in the evening about how the day’s ride has gone. I also enjoy sharing my experiences gained from riding around the world.

10.    What advice would you give a 21-year-old who wants to train for your job?

I met some people who were interested in guiding as they saw it as an adventure and an opportunity to travelling. First of all, you need to love horses and great determination. First apply as trainee in a good destination with a reputable company. Then follows the hard work!

Canyons 2012 (2)

11.    Where do you go on holiday?

I like to discover new places with new cultures while on horseback.

Thank you Paulo for the fantastic images and another interesting article.

You can meet Paulo from Ride Brazil at the Riding Holiday Show in London on 12 December 2015. Space at the venue is limited so you must obtain a ticket in advance. The event takes place at the Royal Overseas League in SW1 just off Piccadilly from 10 am to 6 pm.

38 different riding destinations will be represented at the Riding Holiday Show. All part of the In The Saddle portfolio of worldwide riding holidays.

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