Mediterranean Trail – the second time around

Posted on October 30, 2019

David has been on nine riding holidays with In The Saddle; from Croatia and Romania, to Peru, Botswana and Argentina.

This was to be his third visit to Catalonia and his second time on the Mediterranean Trail. We were keen to find out if his return visit matched his experiences the first time around.

Med Trail in Spain

Clattering through medieval villages.

My second time on the Mediterranean Trail

David says, “I first did this ride 8 years ago, and have done many others since, but because it had such an impact on me, I thought that I would come back to re-visit it. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

Spain, Catalonia

Bays on the left & greys to the right!

The terrain was varied, the food wonderful food and the accommodation beautiful.


The horses having a well earned rest.

The experience of riding through villages that have been there since the Middle Ages is hard to beat.

Riding through medieval villages, where time seems to stand still.

My second time on the Mediterranean Trail was as good as, or better than my first!”

The camaraderie – a trail ride is great for bringing people together.

Thank you David for your feedback on the Mediterranean Trail. We are so pleased you enjoyed your trip.

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