May 2021 – Living the Western dream

Posted on April 29, 2021

May Newsletter

As we turn the page of our In The Saddle calendar to May, we can imagine ourselves donning a stetson and living our cowboy fantasy! And with news reports that the USA might be on the “green” list for travel this summer perhaps your dream can be fulfilled sooner than you think.

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Where was this picture taken?

This month’s image was taken at White Stallion Ranch in Arizona. The ranch is situated at the foot of the Tuscan mountains offering miles of scenic riding through the Sonoran Desert.

The distinctive cactus in the image is called the Carnegiea gigantea (or saguaro cactus). It is one of the defining plants of the Sonoran Desert and is the largest cactus in the United States.

One of the ranch guests taking the beautiful Rincon for a ride in the desert.

Experience Cowboy Life

Have you ever watched an old Western movie and dreamed about galloping across the desert on a sturdy Quarterhorse or trying your hand at cattle work?

White Stallion Ranch gives each and every person the opportunity to live out that cowboy or cowgirl fantasy. From the moment you arrive, you are transported in time to a place where horses are still very much a way of life.

Riding is possible six days a week and there are several different riding groups going out each day. This means that you can pick and choose exactly what you’d like to do.

Team Penning takes teamwork and focus!

The Wranglers

The wranglers are knowledgeable horse people who offer help whilst teaching the skills required to work cattle. The horses are also very well trained and so in no time you’ll be penning or riding off steers yourself.

Once a week there is also a ranch rodeo put on by the True family who own White Stallion Ranch. Here the wranglers take part in events such as roping and barrel racing which are impressive and fun to watch.

One of the wranglers showing guests how to barrel race

The Horses

At White Stallion Ranch there is a horse (or three!) for everyone. With a large herd available, there are lots suitable for children and beginners as well as more experienced riders. Once you are paired up with your horse, head out into the desert, ride along the mountain trails or have a go at cattle work in the corral.

The horses & the wranglers have a wonderful bond

Over the course of the week you might ride several different horses depending on the rides you choose. The horses are a mix of breeds but they are all well suited and trained for the job.

There is nothing more special than bonding with your favourite horse.

The Accommodation

Although the main focus at the ranch is the riding and horses, the accommodation is also very comfortable. There are a total of 41 rooms at the ranch and each one has a private patio and views of the cactus gardens or mountains.

The rooms vary in size depending on the number of guests but all are decorated in a western theme. The accommodation section on our website outlines the layouts for each room.

One of the queen/twin rooms at the ranch.

Get in Touch for more information

If you would like to learn more about a holiday at White Stallion Ranch or at a different ranch in the United States,  please call us on 01299 272 997 or email

White Stallion Ranch have a series of podcasts that are really interesting and give an insight into ranch life. Listen to the podcasts.

2 responses to “May 2021 – Living the Western dream”

  1. Peter says:

    Is the usa accepting visitors after 17th 2021

    • Rebecca Clarke says:

      Hi Peter, thank you for your comment. At the moment the USA does not accept anyone from Europe or the UK, but we have read that they plan to lift these restrictions in the coming weeks. We are still waiting to hear if the UK will permit travel to/from the USA without quarantine from 17 May.

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