Lesotho – An Unmissable Adventure

Posted on March 15, 2019

In The Saddle guests Giselle and Tanya have recently returned from an adventure in Lesotho.

Giselle has been on many riding holidays with In The Saddle and wrote, “the Lesotho Expedition is the most amazing, challenging and rewarding riding holiday you are ever likely to encounter.”

views in Lesotho

Riding high in the Mountain Kingdom

“It was a real privilege to do an expedition like this. The most stunningly wild, rugged and beautiful landscapes I have seen anywhere in the world. Lesotho is not named the Mountain Kingdom for nothing; all of the country is above 2,000m – the views from on high were awesome.”

Crossing into South Africa

Far reaching views from Lesotho into South Africa

Giselle went on to say that the expedition exceeded all her expectations. “It is the most physically challenging riding I have ever done or indeed expect to do, but for all that I would not have missed it for the world and the sense of achievement afterwards was enormous. Certainly not for the fainthearted or those who do not like heights – fortunately I do not fit into either category. Full of admiration for our ponies – so strong and sure footed – they were truly amazing”.

Sure footed horses

Don’t look down….!

The horses used on the trail are local Boerperd and Basotho ponies, with an Arab blood line running through the herd. Fellow rider Tanya agreed with Giselle and said “all the horses/ponies were in excellent condition and well looked after. Their ability to cover the terrain was amazing and never have I put so much trust in a horse.”

Thamatu pass

Wide open spaces to pick up the pace

The accommodation on the trail ranges from very basic bunk rooms to the comfortable St Bernard’s Peak and Khosto Lodge. Tanya said the accommodation was better than she was expecting and everything was done to ensure they were as comfortable as possible. The food was superb and the cook excelled himself and produced one of the best roast pork dinner she has tasted. Giselle was also full of praise for the cook saying he really pulled out all the stops and nothing was too much trouble.

Breakfast at The Project

Breakfast al fresco

The Lesotho Expedition takes you from the border with South Africa into the Sehlbathebe National Park. Tanya said “the country of Lesotho was stunningly beautiful and all the people we met on the trek were extremely friendly. The terrain and going were challenging in places, which added to the enjoyment of the holiday.”

High places in Lesotho

Over the hills and far away ….

The guides are an important part of any riding holiday you do and Tanya wrote, “our hosts and guides were exceptional and I felt very privileged to ride through Lesotho.” Giselle agreed, giving a special mention to the two local guides, Alan and Charles who she described as excellent.

Alan and Charles

Local guides Alan and Charles

Many thanks to Giselle and Tanya for sharing their experiences of this fantastic adventure.

If you would like more information about our Lesotho Expedition please contact Chris on +44 1299 272 237 or via email chris@inthesaddle.com


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