In The Saddle Calendar – January 2024

Posted on December 21, 2023

There is so much more to a beautiful image.

January’s calendar image of some of the herd at Los Potreros in Argentina

The January 2024 image on the In The Saddle calendar is from Estancia Los Potreros in Argentina and is of a small selection of the Peruvian Paso herd. The striking grey in the middle is “Catamarca”, a wonderful and forward going mare, and a favourite with the guests.

The horses at Los Potreros

There are 115 horses at Estancia Los Potreros. These include Pasos. like Catamarca, and Criollos which are a strong and hardy breed from South America. A quick way of recognising the different breeds is by their manes. It is tradition that Criollos have cut manes, with each gaucho having their own style – while Pasos can keep long flowing manes.

How comfortable do those saddles look?

As well as the two main herds of Pasos and Criollos, there are also some polo ponies, also Mestizos (Argentinian Horses) and some Quarter-horse crosses.

The young horses are started at around 3 to 4 years old depending on size and temperament. The gauchos train each horse in all aspects which include riding with guests and working amongst the cattle. A select few are then also used on the polo field

Guiding at Los Potreros

Lucy from In The Saddle writes

“I had the amazing opportunity to guide at Los Potreros for 3 months at the end of 2019. Part of my job was to ride with guests and bring on the younger horses.

The riding style is very different and ultimately very relaxed and comfortable for jockey and horse for long hours in the saddle. Long stirrups and a relaxed rein, leaning slightly further back than at home with your palm facing up.

It took a little getting used to, along with the gaited Peruvian Paso which I had never experienced before. After a couple of days, I was a convert! I found that pacing on the Pasos was incredibly comfortable and fun over uneven ground. I have since bought a gaited horse in the UK.

Lucy (centre of picture) at Los Potreros

As well as working with the cattle, herding young horses and mingling with the local gauchos, playing polo was also a huge highlight for me. I was far too competitive playing against the guests, but it is hard not to be when the horses are as keen as you and push button with a stick in your hand! Unforgettable.”

Thanks Lucy.

For more information about Los Potreros in Argentina, contact us on 01299 727 997 or email

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