In The Saddle client, Rosemary Tarbox tells us about The Riding Holiday Show and meeting Mary King…

Posted on December 4, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed the Riding Holiday Show 2012. I have attended the last three events and it gives me the chance to say hello to exhibitors with whom I have already ridden, but more importantly to explore new ideas for future rides! I came away from the show inspired with plenty of ideas, and have already booked for Christmas in South Africa, Botswana in April and am thinking about Brazil, Argentina, Tunisia and Hungary over the next year or so!


I was a late-comer to riding – starting at age 49 – and did my first riding trip (a week in Wales) a year or so later: given my experience up to then was a one hour lesson once a week, I was totally exhausted after 2 days! However, over the years, I’ve got more and more adventurous and ride regularly both locally and on Exmoor, and as I’m retired I have the time (and the wherewithal!) to go on several holidays a year.

I just love riding different horses, with different gaits and traits, in a variety of locations and terrain. I’ve always loved to visit far-away places (and am particularly fond of Africa and its wildlife, and South America), so now I can combine my two great interests. What could be better?

I have always found In The Saddle to be efficient, friendly and helpful. They can’t do enough for you and make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision on where to go next as well as how best to get there!

In addition to spending the day at the Riding Holiday Show I was lucky enough to win Afternoon Tea with Mary King at the Ritz through In The Saddle’s Facebook page! It was late in the evening when I read the email telling me I had won and my initial reaction was disbelief – I had to read the email again in the morning to make sure I hadn’t imagined it!

Rosemary with her guest and the legendary Mary King outside the Ritz Hotel in London

Rosemary with her guest and the legendary Mary King outside the Ritz Hotel in London

Meeting Mary King

Mary King was warm, open and friendly and we all thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. It was interesting to hear about her daughter (following in her footsteps), and her horse breeding. I was surprised to hear how busy she is even outside of the eventing season even when the horses are on holiday! She is busy travelling all over the country (and the world) – a hectic life!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day, it was great to meet up again with some of the lovely people from the riding establishments I have ridden at and of course tea with Mary King was unforgettable. I look forward to the next show and of course my next riding holiday!

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