Group Size

When we talk of Group Size we mean the number of guests who will ride out together at the same time. Some places can take a lot of guests, but limit their riding group size to, for example, eight people. Also, when we talk about group size we mean the number of guests riding. On top of that there will be at least one guide, many times two (front and rear) and occasionally three (if the group size is larger or on the expedition type rides in South America or Mongolia).

Some rides will confirm if there is just one person booked. Others require a minimum group size of anything between two to six people and sometimes there is a price supplement for the ride to confirm at the smaller group size. We will advise you if a holiday will cancel if the minimum number is not achieved by a particular date although sometimes an operator will continue to run the ride even though the minimum number has not been reached.

On each ride page we have given information on the likely group size. There is rarely an absolute maximum, so a ride that normally takes a maximum of eight people will be able to go to nine or even ten people on occasions without any problem.

A usual maximum is 12 guests but some destinations like Namibia and India can run with groups of up to 16. These large group rides can be really exciting and of course are very sociable and in practice the riders are subdivided into smaller riding groups from time to time.

It is not always possible for us to guarantee who else will be in your riding group because clients may book through other agents from the UK or worldwide and there can be last minute cancellations or bookings which change the makeup of the group. In your Final Itinerary we will give you the names of the others who have booked through In The Saddle and we are happy to facilitate introductions if you would like to contact your fellow riders prior to the holiday, perhaps to meet at the airport or just to chat.

If the group size is important to you, then please check with us before you book.

Tips for Group Bookings

Whether it’s a special family celebration, a riding club trip or simply a bunch of riding friends - group holidays can be great fun.

  • Ensure that everyone has a similar level of riding ability or choose a holiday where the group can be split according to individual riding experience.
  • Pick a leader who will co-ordinate the booking.
  • Keep everyone in the group informed. Your nominated leader can do this or we can include everyone in the correspondence. Each person will receive their own personal copy of the holiday documents.
  • Let us know if you want to be invoiced separately or all together as a group.

If you are waiting for one or two people to make up their minds remember they can always be added later. There’s nothing worse than waiting for everyone to decide and then finding the date you wanted is no longer available.

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