Equestrianism Meets Conservation in Kenya

Posted on May 31, 2013

For people passionate about the great outdoors, a new horseback holiday in Kenya, available through In The Saddle, will provide holidaymakers with the rare opportunity to combine an exciting horse riding safari, with the chance to learn more about local conservation issues.

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Borana is a luxury lodge situated on the Laikipia Plateau in the foothills of Mt Kenya. With over 35,000 acres to explore there is a plethora of wildlife, spectacular views and the chance to indulge in some ‘you’ time whilst learning about the fundamental issues of conservation.

Borana is not, however, just a beautiful holiday destination. Pioneered by owners, the Dyer Family, Borana has established a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the wildlife, habitat and people that share the land as part of their dedication to securing the long-term future of Africa.

A large proportion of all revenue generated at Borana goes towards sustaining the surroundings for projects such as Hide & Sheep Ltd, the Borana Forestry Project and the Education Support Programme. Guests pay a conservation fee per night and this means that while they enjoy a life-altering trip, they are also contributing to the future of this wonderful and magical part of the world.
has introduced a seven-night adventure for equestrian travellers, known as Pole Pole Laikipia. Pole (pronounced Poley) is a Swahili word meaning slowly, and the trip encourages guests to take some time out to see the beauty of Africa by horseback and play a part of the unique conservation projects. Visitors will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and local culture to gain understanding in the plights relating to regional conservation.

From the moment you step off the plane in Laikipia, you will enjoy a cultural and ecological adventure. Drive through the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to view both endangered black and white rhino and Grevy’s zebra, listen intently to passionate conservation experts to learn how you can play a part in sustaining the fragile local eco-system and have the privilege to meet families in nearby villages to experience a very different way of life.

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Throughout the trip you can be sure to experience the perfect balance of luxury accommodation, exciting adventure, delicious home cooked meals and time to relax and take in the natural spectacles around you. From riding through trees full of rare little red patas monkeys and learning about raptor conservation to seeing the ever watchful reticulated giraffe whose numbers are on the incline thanks to the determination of the team at Borana.

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Pole Pole Laikipia is just one of the itineraries available at Borana, allowing you to understand why preserving this magical kingdom is so vital while also challenging you to undertake a journey that will change perspectives forever.

For more information about the Pole Pole Laikipia trip with In The Saddle visit: www.inthesaddle.com or call 01299 272 997 to speak to equestrian travel experts today.

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