Embark on an Argentinian Adventure in 2014

Posted on October 28, 2013

Horse riding in Argentina provides the perfect means to explore the varied landscape of this legendary South American country. With equestrianism being such an important part of the local culture, riding in this part of the world on responsive and sure-footed native horses – such as the Criollo and Paso Peruanos – provide the perfect means of exploring the rugged hills, grassy lowland meadows and woodland areas of Argentina.

Nestled between the pampas and the Andes, Estancia Los Potreros gives people the chance to visit an iconic equestrian land – where the culture of the gaucho is strong and where children still go to school on horseback. With over 140 horses, Estancia Los Potreros is always a hive of activity, however for 2014 there is an assortment of local activities and attractions that will make a visit to this beautiful destination even more memorable.

Argentina - Estancia Los Potreros 2

The 6,000 acre working cattle estancia and stud farm offers varied and exciting equestrian activities, from trail riding across different terrain and cantering across the ridges to playing an informal chukka of polo back at the estancia or even helping the gauchos round up the young horses in order to protect them from the elusive puma. This trip is ideal for true horse lovers giving the chance to embrace all aspects of equestrianism, whilst still providing relaxation and a break from normality – chill out with a wine tasting session, cool off after a hot day in the natural rock pools or simply swing your troubles away in a hammock overlooking the estancia!

Throughout the year guests can now combine spectacular horseback riding with cultural highlights to help embrace the Argentinian spirit! Starting in January with the National Rodeo and Folkloric Music Festival, travellers can combine two of the gaucho’s biggest loves – horses and music – for a fun and fabulous evening out in nearby Jesus Maria.

Argentina - Los Potreros
As the year progresses there are opportunities to view a famous religious gaucho procession in February, take part in the annual ‘yerra’ or cattle branding, embark on long distance adventures, learn to play polo in a week, visit the largest agricultural show in Buenos Aires, enjoy the Tango Festival and finally watch the Argentine Palermo Open Polo Championships to see the game played to the highest level in the world!

If you fancy embarking on an Argentinian adventure and getting involved in local culture, get in touch with In The Saddle to find out when to book!

Argentina - Estancia Los Potreros

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