The accommodation on a riding holiday can vary from the most basic camping with limited or no washing faclities to luxury accommodation where you stay in elegantly furnished rooms with superb service. Each ride page gives photographs and details of the type of accommodation.

It's important that you let us know what is important to you on your holiday so that we can make sure you choose the right holiday for you.

Hostel, Guesthouse or Hotel Accommodation

On the majority of riding holidays you stay in very comfortable guesthouse accommodation in twin rooms with en suite bathrooms. Single rooms are normally available, although may require a supplement to be paid.

The description of the accommodation for each riding holiday will indicate if you might have to share a bathroom or if single rooms are not available.

Please note that on some riding holidays, such as in Iceland or Kyrgyzstan, accommodation is in basic dormitory type hostels or huts and you might be sharing the room with several other people of both sexes.

Tented Accommodation

This covers a very wide range of experiences. The two main factors are firstly, the extent of the washing and loo facilities which can range from none on an expedition ride to the spacious bathrooms with private showers and flush loos attached to a luxury safari tent. And secondly, whether the tent is a small "crawl-in" type of tent or a spacious safari type "walk-in" tent.

Permanent tented safari camps can be incredibly luxurious giving you a five star service within a canvas wall.

Twin/Double Beds

"Double" is recognised as meaning a room/tent with a double bed, but this may mean two beds pushed together. "Twin" is two separate beds but in fact sometimes these are very close together and on occasions a twin room may mean one person getting a huge double bed while the other is on a small single.

We will always pass on requirements for a double bed but we cannot always guarantee it, particularly as many of the lodges and camps take only a small number of guests with a small number of rooms. Of course, please discuss this with us because honeymooners will always take precedence.


A "bathroom" means a toilet and shower or bath. Due to water shortages in many locations baths are less common, so if having a bathtub is important to you, please let us know.

Bathrooms may be "en suite" or "private" or "shared". Private bathrooms may not be adjoining your bedroom, although will not be used by anyone else.

Single Rooms

It is possible to request a single room on practically all riding holidays. On just a few it is not possible to guarantee a single room and if you choose such a holiday, you must be prepared to share a room.

Whether or not you have to pay a supplement for a single room varies across the world. On some holidays there are a number of rooms which are available for single travellers without any supplement to pay. Sometimes these are regular sized rooms or tents; sometimes they are smaller rooms, only suitable for one person.

On some holidays if you are willing to share with another person of the same sex in your group you will not be charged a single supplement; although in some instances the ride operator requires us to charge you a single supplement until a sharer is found for you.

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