A Great Way To Finish The Day

Posted on November 22, 2016

Since riding over to Ant’s Nest from Hill, I have ridden two different horses. The first was a beautiful dun gelding, Rifiji. Next was a sweet little mare called Ice. Ice is a veteran in the group but still enjoys a good fast canter!


This afternoon I decided to join a game walk. Our guide talked about the trees and pointed out tracks in the sand which we would have missed on horseback.


All 10 rhino visited us this evening

We finished the day with sundowners at Ant’s home, the owner of the reserve. And here we saw the rhino! They slowly strolled in from the bush for their dinner.

ants lodgesThis has been a truly special day seeing these huge wild animals so close. I could have watched them for hours as they interacted with each other, showing their dominance and protecting their young calves. But slowly, they all headed back into the bush for the night.

Rhino calf

Baby saying ‘hi’ to dad as mum watches closely from behind

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Lucy Downes is a travel consultant with In The Saddle and is in South Africa visiting Ants Lodges, Wait A Little, Garonga Lodge and also a beach lodge in Mozambique. It’s an important part of her job and someone has to do it! We will send more reports as she sends them to us.

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