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Summer Special at Quinta do Rol

10% discount on all stays at Quinta do Rol in Portugal between 20th July and 8th September 2019. This offer also includes a free lesson for any non-riders joining you. If you would like more information please call 01299 272997 or email

Quinta do Rol

Superb horses and private tuition make Quinta do Rol a perfect location to relax and work on your dressage goals. With comfortable accommodation and wonderful food riders are looked after both on horse and off.

Portugal - Quinta do Rol

A centre based holiday just north of Lisbon featuring excellent dressage instruction on well-schooled pure-bred Lusitano horses. This family estate is dedicated to rural tourism, wine making and the noble art of dressage.

Experience Level
  • Open All Year
  • Flexible arrivals
  • Minimum 3 nights | 1 to 2 hours riding per day | Nearest airport:Lisbon
  • Weight limit: 14st 12lbs (95 kg) (208 pounds)
  • Usual maximum: 9
4.5 star rating 28 reviews
Price from £553.24 for 4 nights ( GBP | EUR | USD )

Quinta do Rol – Portugal

In October 2016 I visited Quinta do Rol a lovely family estate in the ‘orchard of Lisbon’. Here I discovered excellent instruction and gorgeous Lusitano horses, so well-trained that they are a treat to ride.

The adventures of a Show Jumper in Dressage paradise – Part 1

In April 2018 I was given the opportunity to visit our three Portuguese dressage centres, Quinta do Rol, Monte Velho and Alcainca. The thought of riding finely tuned Lusitano horses that are easily capable of high level dressage exercises was exciting. Although, it was somewhat daunting for a girl who show-jumps and hacks her 14.2hh cob, Bob, at home. Despite this I leapt at the opportunity, I mean if you’re going to give dressage a go why not do it on a Lusitano in the Portuguese sunshine. As a total novice in the world of dressage, I stepped off the…

A Dressage Dream in the Orchard of Lisbon

Last month Abbie from In The Saddle visited Quinta do Rol, a family estate in the 'orchard of Lisbon'. Here, she discovered excellent dressage instruction and gorgeous Lusitano horses so well-trained that they are a treat to ride. ++++++ With my own horse injured and having spent much of 2016 in the sick bay, when I got the chance to visit Quinta do Rol in Portugal I literally leapt at the chance. Dusting off my riding boots, I packed and pondered whether I could make it through airport security with spurs in my hand luggage (yes I could). At Lisbon…

Holidays for Lusitano Lovers

In this blog post we take a look at the beautiful Lusitano and three of our Portuguese dressage centres where you can experience riding these wonderful horses for yourself. Closely related to the Andalucian, the heritage of Lusitano can be traced back to 900 B.C. and the primitive horses of the Iberian Peninsula. Lusitanos were originally used for farm work and as a cavalry mount. But the breed's bravery, intelligence and athleticism mean that the Lusitano is also a popular mount for dressage and the traditional discipline…

Centre Based Rides

  CENTRE BASED RIDES For anyone who hasn’t been on a riding holiday before, a centre based riding holiday is a great start. Your accommodation for the duration of your holiday becomes your ‘home from home’. You will often have the same hosts throughout your stay and at many of our destinations everyone, guests, hosts and guides, will eat together. As well as becoming part of the family, when you’re not moving on each day your holiday can be much more flexible. If you are in need of a rest or would like to sunbathe next to a pool, riding…

Yet another memorable visit to the Azores

Janet has sent us this lovely report from her seventh trip to Quinta da Terça in November 2018. My friends and I had another super holiday at the Quinta da Terça from 5 to 12 November.  This was our seventh visit to the Quinta where we always receive such a warm welcome from Christina & Claude and their team.  We are looked after so well, and all our needs catered for.  We had mixed weather which was to be expected at that time of year, so we were glad we had packed our waterproof clothing! But the showers passed over quickly…

Five of the Best… Riding Holidays for Beginners

If you are a beginner rider, or have only ridden a handful of times then deciding to go on a riding holiday can be quite daunting! However it is also a fantastic way to improve your confidence and get more experience in the saddle away from the hustle and bustle of every day life! Seeing a country by horseback is a privilege and well worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for! We have picked out our favourite five destinations that are perfectly set up to cater for novice or beginner riders, so now is the time to saddle…