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Hungary - Homoki Riding

Homoki Relaxed Riding

Received on 31 July 2014

Posted by: AA-Aussie (this is their first In The Saddle holiday) "Best fun I've had in ages" Even though it was hot these animals were fantastic. Absolute athletes. There were only 2 of us guests on the ride (2 others were beginners and went with other guides) so the riding was tailored to our level. It was a faster ride than I thought possible given the heat so we had some great hard riding. I loved trying different saddles, they had English (which I'm used to), Hungarian and Western. The Hungarian saddles are best suited to the fast pace over flat land and I fell in love with them. Just like an armchair! My biggest compliment on the holiday was the health and fitness of the horses. 3 hours riding in the morning and 2 in the afternoon in the middle of summer is a big ask but these horses don't even breath heavily after cantering for 3 kms straight. I had a different horse every day and they were all great.

Overall Holiday Rating - Good or Very Good
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Overall Holiday Rating - Excellent
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